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BHK's Vitamin C Double Layer【Skin Brightening】

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product details

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Vitamin C Double Layer Tablets【Skin Brightening】


*Innovative double-layers coating, 2 layers formulation: Immediate-Release Layer

  and Sustained-Release Layer

*Immediate-Release Layer provides direct nutrition and full energy.

*Sustained-Release Layer continuous full-time performance of anti-oxidant

  protection and boost the absorption

*Vitamin C helps increasing the collagen level, improves skin texture, boosts iron

  absorption and visibly brighter

*Vitamin E works with vitamin C to provide protection for cells from DNA damage

  and maintain a great level of energetic vitality


Main Ingredients (Per serving):

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 500mg,

Vitamin E (Dl-Alpha Tocopherol) 2.5IU



Take 1 tablet daily after meal. For better result, take 2 tablets daily. Do NOT take

more than 2 tablets per day.


BHK's Vitamin C provides the protection for cells from DNA damage and maintaining a great level of energetic vitality
BHK's Vitamin C make you have a younger and smoother skin
BHK's Vitamin C is recommended by celebrity
BHK's Vitamin C is essential to great health and beauty
BHK's Vitamin C boosts iron absorption and increases the collagen level

  A single tablet contains 500mg of vitamin C essence 

BHK's Vitamin C use double–layer coating formulation,absorb overall nutrition  BHK's Vitamin C is safety inspection. No side effects, natural ingredients.  food inspection qualified and 10 million liability insurance secured

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