BHK's MaMa DHA Algae Oil【Prenatal DHA】

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Pregnant mommy nutrition care

BHK's MaMa DHA Algae Oil【Prenatal DHA】

*DHA is an essential nutrition to support full-term pregnancy

*DHA helps build your baby's brain, nervous system, and eyes

*Helps improve mother's overall health and attention span in children

*Taking DHA supplement during pregnancy to ensure the development for babies is a must now

Main Ingredients (Per serving):
Algae oil (40%DHA) 250mg


Take 2 softgels daily after meal. Children below 6 years old - Take 1 softgel daily

after meal. Softgels can be pierced and the contents can be mixed with water.

Recommended for use throughout pregnancy.



BHK Algae DHA support your infant's brain development, smarter and clever
BHK's Algae DHA Studies have shown that when a pregnant women consumes Algae oil/ Algal oil, it improves the child’s development
BHK DHA source of raw material is strictly selected.
BHK's DHA marine microalgae without any contaminants and pollution-free
BHK Algae DHA oil is important during pregnancy in order to aid brain growth for infant and healthy pregnancy

BHK's Algae DHA oil to replace fish oil that may include contaminants, Algae oil provides better DHA for infant growth.
BHK's DHA藻油通過安全檢驗,安全無慮,無副作用
food inspection qualified and 10 million liability insurance secured

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