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BHK's Pearl Collagen Powder 【Tight & Bouncy】

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Product details

product details

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BHK's Pearl Collagen Powder【Tight & Bouncy】

For your tight, firm, and bouncy skin! Get your baby skin despite aging and busy schedule


Skin-care formulation for skin firming:

1. Japanese Collagen 100% collagen with small molecular weight, without any fishy smell for easy consumption and maximum absorption for skin elasticity, firmness, and youthfulness.

2. Taiwanese Patented Pearl Extract Strictly tested, doesn't contain any heavy metal, effectively smoothens out skin texture and prevents aging.

3.Patented Yeast Silica and Vitamin C Enhance collagen production and act as a strong antioxidant.

Solution for those that feel like cream and external skincare is not effective anymore, and those who don't like swallowing tablets or capsules.

Main ingredients (Per Serving):

Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Peptides 2000mg

Pearl Powder 100mg

Directions: Combine 1 stick pack of powder into your favorite beverage or meal 1-3 times a day, or pour it into the mouth directly.

BHK's Pearl Collagen Powder restores skin elasticity from the root, with lychee flavor and no fishy odor
After the age of 25, the effect of skin quality decreasing will be obvious due to slower metabolism and collagen loss, such as dullness and wrinkles
Pearl Collagen with effective nutrients absorption is crucial to keep up and delay skin aging condition
BHK's Pearl Collagen Powder with Japanese Collagen Peptides, patented pearl powder, and vitamin c, antioxidant to maintain skin health
High quality, strictly selected raw material, with effective formula to enhance skin firmness and tightness, ultimate anti-aging solution
BHK Pearl Collagen Powder is recommended for women above 30 years old to improve skin condition
BHK's Pearl Collagen Powder, suitable for those who want smooth, tender, firm, supple, tight skin, good for anti-aging
BHK's product is safe, long term supplementation can fulfill beauty needs, please be careful during powder consumption
MONDE SELECTION GOLD AWARD, food inspection qualified and 10 million liability insurance secured

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